Community Juice Program

We seek to prevent health issues and facilitate a healthy lifestyle by ensuring vital nourishment is available for those most in need.

We make fresh fruit and vegetable juice with surplus farmer’s market produce rescued by Food Forward and provide it at no cost to those in need by linking in to the LA Community Fridges network.

This program came to be because we wanted to provide raw, vegan food to people experiencing homelessness. While volunteering on skid row we learned how the rampant lack of services (especially medical and dental) affects people’s ability to think, feel and eat. Many unhoused people can’t eat raw vegetables or fruits because their teeth aren’t healthy enough to allow it. Providing fresh juice resolves two of these hurdles at the same time, allowing people who are most in need to gain access to some of the most nourishing, high frequency food options possible, at no cost.

In 2021, we distributed over 1,000 packs of fresh juice to community members in need in Long Beach and Los Angeles, focusing mostly on South Central and communities of displaced residents surviving on the embankments of the LA river.


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